How Do You Know What Your Message Is?

We all know that in coaching, as in any other business, it is essential to create an identity, something people will know you by and remember you for. You may say that to have this you need expensive marketing campaigns and strategies, and you do not make enough already to cover your expenses, so you cannot afford this kind of additional expenditure.

What Is Content Marketing? Why Is Content King? How Do You Create a Content Strategy?

You’ve heard the phrase “Content is King,” but what does it really mean? How do you begin using content marketing tools effectively? The answer is a well-defined content strategy.

How To Choose The Right Strategy To Deliver Your Message

Like many other coaches, you joined the industry with the desire to become a successful coach, to have as many clients as possible and to increase your revenue. You have tried many strategies to promote yourself and your business, to get more clients every day, but your efforts haven’t paid off.

Make Yourself Visible Through Your Magnetic Message

In coaching, as in any other business, it is essential to know how to promote yourself, how to make yourself visible to your potential clients. You may say this requires a lot of money and different strategies, and that your resources are limited from this point of view.

Your Message Is Not Your Tag Line

Since you joined the coaching industry, I’m sure you have tried all the traditional ways of promoting your business. Some strategies have failed, some have worked but on a very low scale, getting you just a few clients and even less revenue.

CuteRank – The Tool Designed to Check Your Keyword Ranking

Search engine rankings serve as the measure of your blog’s performance. Is your blog receiving as much organic traffic as it should be attracting?

Finding a Niche Is the First Critical Step When Starting an Online Business

Finding a niche is the first critical step when starting an online business. You need to find a niche market that has lots of potential buyers, but which has little competition. Learn how to find niche markets with free Google research tools.

3 Tips to Generate Business on LinkedIn

While Facebook and Twitter have been regarded as great marketing tools for the B2C market, business owners and corporate executives have cited LinkedIn as valuable to their B2B marketing efforts. Here are 3 great tips on using LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your business.

Online Visibility Tips – Is Your Local Business Missing The Obvious?

Online visibility does not mean you need to restrict yourself to promoting your business website online. Are you missing out on the offline opportunities?

SEO Consulting Improves Lead Generation

SEO consulting can help grow a company’s lead generation numbers. This simply can be by using tactics and strategies to make the company’s website found more easily on different search engines.

The Internet Is A Brand

We tend to forget that the Internet itself is a brand. The “Internet” is a term to reference a network that crosses countries and languages.

Market Your Website The Smart And Easy Way

Are you a fan of internet marketing? Yes! Fantastic! You have stumbled onto an article that can reaffirm your internet marketing knowledge and may even enhance your marketing plan.

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